Introducing the XN120 Telephone System from NEC

With the speed and intensity of business constantly on the rise, just keeping up with your competitors is hard enough. To grow and become more profitable, you need to find ways to get more done in less time. The key to meeting this challenge is more effective communication between your staff, customers and partners.

For too long, the most powerful and innovative telephone systems have only been within the reach of large corporations. With the XN120, this is no longer the case. Designed to satisfy the growing needs of small and medium businesses, this is a professional, flexible and easy-to-use voice communication system at a price that makes perfect sense.

XN120 Telephone: Our Range Of System Phones Makes You More Productive

NEC DXE 24 KEY SMALL DISPLAYXN Vision Handset - 22-button display
  • 12 Buttons for BLF, phone lines and features
  • LCD display, two line with 16- character display
  • 360º Call indicator
  • 10 personal speed-dial buttons
  • Height adjustment and built-in wall mounting
  • Hands-free loud speech

NEC DXE 24 KEY SMALL DISPLAYXN Talk Handset: 22-button standardxn 120 Handset - xn talk
  • 12 Buttons for BLF, phone lines and features
  • 360º Call indicator
  • 10 personal speed-dial buttons
  • Height adjustment and built-in wall mounting
  • Hands-free loud speech

  • Operator/Receptionist add-on module
  • 64 Function/number/busy lamp (BLF) buttons
  • External/Internal paging zones buttons
  • Alternate answer call button
  • Two-door phone buttons
  • Day/Night mode button

NEC DXE 24 KEY SMALL DISPLAYXN 120 Handset Add-on Module
  • Add-on module for power users
  • 24 Function/number/busy lamp (BLF) buttons
  • Dual-colour LED buttons indicating call status

Connect your NEC XN 120 to a Voice Over IP carrier for cost effective long distance international telephone calls. Connect IP Phones to your XN120 for home working or satellite offices. Integrate your SIP client application on your phone or PDA to your XN120 over your wireless LAN for increased mobility.

The NEC XN 120 telephone system delivers multi-site networking for up to 10 sites. Users can call each other from site to site and transfer calls seamlessly free of charge over your network infrastructure be it ADSL, leased line, BIP, MPLS, or wireless link.

CTI (Computer Telephone Integration)
The XN120 integrates with your other most important productivity aid, your PC. Its CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) capability enables the connection of your phone to your PC using Microsoft TAPI. MS Outlook Contact Manager application allows point and click dialing and the ability to pop up the callers contact details on your screen before you answer the call.

The Mail Lite provides an integrated voicemail system for each individual user. Each user has the ability to forward calls to their personal mailbox. Messages can be retrieved internally or extrernally.

Conference Bridge
In-house conference systems are no longer luxuries, or just for the ‘big’ business, and so XN120 allows both internal and external callers to join the conference bridge. The XN 120 Telephone System can provide your business with a built in Conference Bridge facility. This will allow you to host and manage your own conference with colleagues and clients.

Up to now third party providers such as eircom or BT would have been used to deliver this service with significant cost to your business. The NEC XN120 telephone system eliminates this cost and gives you the flexability to deliver this facility whenever nessessary.

What if your mobile phone was connected to your PBX just like any other extension. The XN120 can give your business this unique feature. In todays world people are increasingly "On the Move" and those who are not mobile will lose their competitive advantage. Most specialists and managers work in the field all the time and have to be reachable. Although a mobile phone allows them to answer or make a call, they cannot transfer a call to another contact or department. Mobile extension combines mobile access with the services, features and flexibility of an NEC Business telephone. Amobile extension behaves as an internal portof the XN120 telephone system, but linked to an external mobile phone and provides many benefits for your business such as:

- Improved efficiency
- Improved Productivity
- Cost Savings on mobile communications