We Provide A Wide Range Of Services For Our Clients

Award winning Cloud and On Premise IP Telephone Systems, Call Reporting, Call Recording, Internet Connectivity and Telephone Call Billing. A complete end to end solution, we take care of it all.

How Can We Help Your Business?

Cloud or On Premise?

We have Cloud and On Premise IP Telephone Systems for any size business. Our systems are modular, so they can start small and grow as your business grows. Add Call Reporting and Call Recording whenever your business needs it. Satellite or home office flexibility, Mobility applications for staff on the move.

Call Reporting Suite

Our systems provide real-time and historical information and reporting on all lines and extensions. Its completely modular, from supervisor applications, wallboards, desktop applications and operator consoles. Reports can be automatically scheduled to email your team the most important metrics for your business.

Call Recording

Have you thought about how call recording could improve your business processes? We provide PCI compliant Cloud, ISDN and SIP/VoIP call recording. Our solution is fully encrypted with options for both manual and auto pause of recordings when taking payments over the telephone. Provides peace of mind when dealing with costly disputes about orders taken, or customer complaints .

Internet Connectivity

Do you need a reliable internet connection for your growing business? We can provide 1:1 Direct Internet Access with a full service level agreement, licenced radio and wireless connectivity, and e-fibre broadband solutions. Talk to us about which option best suits your business needs.

Telephone Call Billing

Are you looking for an alternative call provider? We have some of the most competitive call rates in the market to all destinations. No contract and switching is easy. Contact us for a free, no obligation, analysis and comparison of your telephone costs against our own.

What Our Clients Say

"We at Custom House Global Fund Services Ltd decided to use Core Communications shortly after they entered into the market. The decision quickly became beneficial to us globally as their technical expertise and superior knowledge in the communications arena has enabled Custom House to add extra features to our global communications network. Currently Core Communications support all our global sites and have maintained them without affecting the local sites infrastructure which is a testament to their professionalism and customer support."
Gerry Moore
Head of Global IT - Custom House Global